(Shows scenes from Thneed Madness)

Announcer: Last time on The Starman Show, Starman and Mr. Bean break into the Thneed factory to end all Thneed production, once and for all!

(Title of the show-only intro plays)

(Cuts to Wikimaster's grave in the graveyard from Team Omniverse in Costumes, when suddenly, Wikimaster's ghost appears out of the grave)

Wikimaster: Time for my revenge on that robot that squished me! Come on, Pokemon! (The ghosts of the Pokemon follow her)

(While Wikimaster is looking for that robot, she accidentally terrorizes the city!)

(Cuts to the local news on Tom Hank's TV in his lab while Jimmy is watching it)

Reporter: We have a report about some ghost terrorizing the city while with these weird creatures called the "Pokemans". (Yes, that's how she says it)

Jimmy: Mr. Hanks! Look at this report!

Tom Hanks: (Watches the report) Oh, dear god..... a GHOST terrorizing the city?!?!

Jimmy: Uh...yeah!

Tom Hanks: We gotta think of someone that'll tame that ghost, but who?

Jimmy: The Ghostbusters!

Tom Hanks: No.

Jimmy: Danny Phantom!

Tom Hanks: No.

Jimmy: Then I'd have to suggest the Omniverse Rangers, after all, my cousin Spike is in that team.

Tom Hanks: Not a bad idea, Jimmy, you go transport them to here, which is my lab, of course.

Jimmy: Right on it, Mr. Hanks! (Fires up the teleporter, and types "Omniverse Rangers" into the "Who Should I Transport?" computer, then the Omniverse Rangers show up)

Spike: Okay, WHAT is going on??? Is there a fire?

Jimmy: No, but you HAVE to see this news report! (Shows the OR the report)

Mr. Bean: AAAARRRGGGHHH! The ghost of Wikimaster is terrorizing the city!!!!

Jimmy: And yet, it's the worst of your problems! Come on, Omniverse Rangers, tame that ghost!!!!

(Crickets chirp)

Rocky: Shouldn't you have called for the Ghostbusters or Danny Phantom for this assignment?

Tom Hanks: They weren't available.

Jimmy: So we decided to hire you guys!

Wile E. Coyote: How is a ghost bad news?

Jimmy: I went in the Team Omniverse Records Plant last Saturday, and zipped through the Wikimaster file.

Giant Robot: (From above Tom Hanks' lab ceiling) Did it say anything about my destroying her?

Jimmy: Uh... yes! Yes it did! Everything was in the file! Honest!


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